Community Planning
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Community Planning

Joseph Thornlow
Gainesville, VA
2 Virginians

In a residential Community, Heathcote Commons, Buchanan Partners are planning to build a 7/11 gas station 24/7. This gas station butts up to the Townhomes of Heathcote Commons. Residents will leave their homes front doors and face the local street, Specialized Trail and be within feet of the gas station. This local road will become a highyway supporting residential traffic, Harris Teeter traffic, a restaurant traffic and the 24/7 gas station traffic, PLUS all delivery truck traffic.

The lighting around the gas station and the traffic at night will also effect homes of Heritage Hunt as well.

There is no other gas stations in Gaineseville OR Haymarket that butt up to a residential community.All are placed within a business sections. Why would this be allowed to be built?

Buchanan Partners have land in that area that can accomidate a gas station in the business sections away from the residential area. I attended the planning commitee meeting where the chairperson made some points against the station being built, then turned around and voted to obstain. Had he voted NO, Buchanan would have had to move the gas station.


Lisa Vonder Haar Alexandria, VA

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