College and University
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College and University

  Alvena Rumble
Palmdale, CA
1 Californians

I am a college student, at Antelope Valley college, I am a returning adult. I currently live in a low income building for senior citizens over the age of fifty-five. I was recently informed by my manager that I could not be a full time student and live in a low- income building. On the filth of January I turned fifty -nine. I had a stroke and other medical conditions, which prevented me from working. I have a 3.25 GPA, I can do better but I was in the hospital this semester with a TI. President Obama’s push for woman to go back to school has encouraged me to push forward. I am a Criminal Justice Major, but if I have to cut my classes I will not be able to graduate with my class, I feel at my age, I just don’t have the time to waste. What can you do too help people like me, who want to finish school, get off of welfare and get a job. There are a lots of college students facing this problem, please help us.

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    Tom Lackey

    California Assemblymember
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