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Request for personal information.

Jean Duffy
Lake forest, CA
1 Californians

Since I have no other way of researching this inquiry, a lawyer advised me to seek your help. My son, John Duffy(born July 28, 1977) was fingerprinted and booked on Aug. 24, 1996 for an involvement with a 14 year old girl at Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club in Lake Forest. It may have been a citizen’s arrest. Having reported this incident to the Army, (and being released from incarceration later that night) he joined the Army and we heard no more about it. He applied to coach his son’s baseball team recently and the FBI red flag went up. He has tried to get a case # but couldn’t or there wasn’t one available. He needs a "disposition" for the case so he can resolve the issue. The fingerprint record is #70048RB3.

Can you please help me or direct me to the right sources to get information. In calling the courts, there is only automated responses that don’t even get close to my problem. If there is any paperwork that could be e-mailed to me I would be most grateful. I just don’t know where to start to help him. John is in his 19th year with the service in Fort Campbell right now and has been deployed a number of times and this is very important to our family. I thank you for your help in this matter.

Jean Duffy, 22801 Belquest Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630-4005 (949)770-7002

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