Section 8 Vouchers for Washington County
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Section 8 Vouchers for Washington County

Scott Gallagher
Hagerstown, MD
1 Marylanders

This comment is for the incoming Governor of Maryland, Governor Hogan. I think it is great that you are opening up the state for businesses. However, I would like to draw your attention to some of the state’s residents that are being overlooked. Recently, in the beginning part of December 2014 I received a Section 8 housing voucher for the city of Hagerstown. I spent before, during, and after the holidays looking for a one bedroom apartment in the Hagerstown city limits. Two weeks ago, I found such an apartment and submitted the unit for inspection to the Hagerstown Housing Authority. One week ago my request was denied due to funding issues. I am sure that you are aware of the circumstances that I speak of, because the voucher itself had already been approved for funding and the decision to freeze it’s funding could have only be a result of a reaction by the county due to decisions made by your office. What you might not be aware of is that your decisions have severely impaired my ability to move out of my current living situation at the North Point VA Home here in Hagerstown. I am currently seeking an Associate’s degree in field of Human Services and specifically in the area of Addictions. I have dealt with a lot of personal demons in my past and independent housing is a necessity in the near future. My current living situation is stable however, the program here at the VA home is not permanent. In addition, to my current school situation a intern or part-time position in the field of Human Services is planned. Along with this position after the completion of my Associate’s degree I will also pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the same field. This voucher is the only way that I can meet my educational and job requirements in order to ultimately gain full independence from public assistance. In addition, I will also have the ability to help others that have been through similar situations as my self. Taking all these facts into consideration I am asking you Governor Hogan to intercede on my behalf and restore the funding to my Section 8 housing voucher in the city of Hagerstown. My hope in bringing this matter to your attention is to make it known that I along with the new businesses you are inviting to the state need a hand up not a hand out. Thank you

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