department of motor vehicle
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department of motor vehicle

raelaine peterson - turner
Riverside, CA
1 Californians

my 69 year old husband went into the Brockton avenue, department of motor vehicles, to renew his license. he was told that he would have to have a vision letter signed by his eye specialist, to agree that his driving would be fine. he has a detached pupil, since birth, and it has never affected his driving. He has a perfect driving record and also drove a commercial van, for his employment for years with no problem. he read the eye chart fine - he does not drive with glasses, he only reads with them. he had trouble with the eye machine - the optic 1000 - a bi-polarization machine that splits images. a person with one good eye cannot do this and a person with 2 good eyes has a hard time with this . they said the letter from his dr. would be all he would need. now they told him he has to take the driving test all over again - the one you do when you are 16. how humiliating and degrading. this man has be driving for 53 years and now he has someone telling him whether he can keep driving or not. Why does the DMV get away with holding so much power over god and everybody. They let the illegals go through like clockwork, while the white people - never having a problem before, giving them hassle after hassle. we should not have to go through this. we have waited in line (even with an appointment) day after day - taking hours to find parking only to get harassed over and over again. when my husband goes for his driving test - he will be so nervous, it will be hard on him and he probably won’t pass. they will tell him he has to jump through some other hoop. why are they allowed to pick on us. why do you governor brown, let an organization hold so much power - un-necessarily. he has done nothing wrong. HELP US PLEASE Bob and Raelaine

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