End Poverty Homeless with Equity Development
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End Poverty Homeless with Equity Development

  David Edwards
Washington, DC
1 Washingtonians

US Representative Eleanor Norton consider Judging responsible parties with non profit status. To redistribute concentrated wealth gathering in the social service non profit area. Review why non profit organizations florence while there respective constitute population remain impoverish.

Indorse and support the President Obama’s Administration Executive Order ’myRA’ My Retirement Account. Remand all Federal and Local Government Agencies and social services non profit organizations to provide orientation to individuals about the benefits of myRA. Access to wealth building with future financial gain by investing in the ’American Pie’ wealth building plan.

I am David Edwards. I’m challenging Jubilee Housing, Inc, Life Access and Capital Area Assets Building all 501c3 status in Washington, DC to orientate its constitute population on the benefits of myRA. So far I’m receiving silence. And claims of ’We are not aware of such" myRA. Excuses to continue to greatly benefiting their business interest exploring the very poor maintaining impoverishment . I herein cite Senate 129, SMART Prevention Act 2012 113th Congress and Senate 1786 Poverty Reduction Act 1981 108th 2nd Session 2004 Congress. As applied to Public Law 113-4.

Please contact and announce your official concerns abut ending poverty and homelessness in Washington DC.

David Edwards

1740 Euclid Street NW #306

Washington, DC 20009-3088




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