Military Pay and their taxes and uniform, fatigues, equipment costs
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Military Pay and their taxes and uniform, fatigues, equipment costs

S McClelland
Siloam springs, AR
1 Arkansans

I have a son who is in the USMC, just got to his PDS recently and I cannot believe he is making @ $10.00 per hour and HAS TO PAY FOR HIS OWN UNIFORM, FATIGUES, BOOTS, ETC.! He is sacrificing his life for the freedom of the United States of America and the government cannot pay for his uniforms, fatigues, boots, etc.! Not to mention he doesn’t get a discount on his flights home from his PDS! This is ridiculous! The Congress, Senate, etc., government officials get all their expenses paid for and they ARE NOT PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE in their jobs, but our soldiers, Marines, etc... are and they have to pay for their own uniforms, etc., and do not get discounts for airfare, etc....before deployment or otherwise. I certainly do not want to cause any trouble for my son, who has so unselfishly enlisted as a Marine to get out of Arkansas to seek a better life for himself, but I am appalled at the fact that he is responsible for the costs of what the Marine Corp. requires him to have! I think it is wrong -- ALL COSTS OF UNIFORMS, FATIGUES, BOOTS, and at least a discount on travel should be extended to he has made major sacrifices to defend our country and is putting his life on the line. NOT ONE single congressman, senator, or political official does that...and they get all their expenses paid by the is that right? Again, I wish to remain anonymous because I don’t want any trouble for my son who has so unselfishly devoted his young adulthood to defend our country and our freedom, but there should absolutely be a change made in the policies regarding the military pay and their expenses covered. They have no expenses covered which is totally beyond my comprehension! Please let me know how this is justified with the government.

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