State Prison
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State Prison

Ernestine Stanley
Brooksville, FL
1 Floridians

My son is a inmate at Florida State Prison where 2 officers abused him. One hit him in stomach and the other up side his head so hard that he busted his eardrum. Thomas went into seizures and was taken to Jacksonville hospital. Then was released to RMC Outpatient in Lake Butler. Then he was sent back to the same facility where these officers did this. My son never had seizures till he was in Pasco Co. Jail. He put up with so much harassment from a Highway Patrol Officer that was seeing his girlfriend. Even had Highway Patrol Officers and Pasco Co. Officers to come to my house while my son was already locked up. Thomas was picked up on state road 52 in Pasco Co. Where the officer with the Police Dog did not call his dog off. I have pictures off my son after this happened with all the bites. All this was on video tape from the owner of the little plaza where this happened. Talked to the man that owned the plaza and he said yes there was a video and the officers came to his house and got it that night. Something has to be done about Officers thinking they can do what they want and will not get into any trouble. We as the people can not call Internal affairs. I have and they called the jail and told the officers that I called in a complaint. That is NOT how things should work. We should have someone we can trust and go to. I feel with the seizure that my son is having now and the officers out for him I am afraid for his life. PLEASE HELP MY SON. Thomas Foskey DC# U21418. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

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