Clarify distance requirements for non-VA care.
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Clarify distance requirements for non-VA care.

Jean & Donald Mueller
Bonita springs, FL
1 Floridians

I am a Vietnam veteran, I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The VA says that because I live closer than 40 miles to a clinic (who does not have the capability to treat me) that I must travel 155 miles to obtain care. Holland, MI to Ann Arbor. Because I have no one to drive me back and forth (you must have a companion to leave after treatment) I would have to use their shuttle system and because of scheduling I would have to stay overnight possibly two nights for each trip for chemo treatments.

I canít help but believe that the intent of the 40 mile rule was to eliminate the need for the above hassle and allow Vets a way to get help locally.

Please help to get vets the help they need.

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