Animal Welfare
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Animal Welfare

Cora Freeman
Feasterville trevose, PA
4 Pennsylvanians


I am writing this to ask you to make killing animals for fur coats illegal. I do not see the point in this, because it is useless. People are raising poor defenseless minks, lambs, rabbits and all other loving, living creatures just to kill them. Lambs are babies! The world has gotten so bad, that we are killing baby animals for the pleasure of wearing them! This is awful, and should be outlawed. The other topic is killing animals for "educational purposes." This means killing an animal so that students can dissect them. My one friend told me that at her old school, her teacher went out and shot a cat, and the cat was pregnant! That person killed a family of cats. My friend said, in response to my horrified face, "It isn’t that big of a deal. It was pretty cool." Are you kidding me? I believe that, while slightly educational, you should make this illegal too. It isn’t right, and by now we should know what frogs, cats and other animals look like internally by now, what with all of the technology and science we have. I am trying to save animals, because they are defenseless, and while we can’t understand them, they have a voice, and feelings as well as us. Thank you for your time and understanding.


Cora Noel Freeman

7th Grade

Commonwealth Connections Academy


June Melody Stewart Hereford, PA
Iris Marie Bloom Philadelphia, PA

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