No adequate police protection in south west valley
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No adequate police protection in south west valley

Darren Kellas
Tolleson, AZ
1 Arizonans

The people who live and have investment properties in the south west valley (laveen, tolleson, avondale and phoenix) have seen property thefts (ac units destroyed for copper and homes burgalarized for appliances etc.) skyrocket in recent years. I personally have had 3 rental homes i manage in one neighborhood (north of lower buckeye road and west of 91st avenue) burgalarized in the last 3 months with over 10,000.00 in damages. I have not been able to put a for rent or for sale sign up for years because it will paint a target on the home. I have had police tell me there is nothing being done to catch these theives due to the lack of adequate numbers of officers. The police men who were called out to my properties told me they have only 5 officers to cover the south west valley at any given time and they could only process reports. They said there are no special units left for fighting these crimes and it was getting much worse next year. This is a break down of society and something must be done.

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