Mountain Valely Pipeline Project
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Mountain Valely Pipeline Project

Edgar Martin
Catawba, VA
3 Virginians

I want to ensure you do everything in your power to block the Mountain Valley Pipeline project that is proposed to go through Roanoke County. The proposed trace through Catawba Valley, renders much of my cleared fields, as well as my neighbor’s, un-useable. It will also cut off timbering on my property without extensive bridging over the pipeline, that cost borne by me and not the owners of the Mountain Vally Pipeline.

My pProperty located at 8698 Blacksburg Road, Catawba ( Roanoke County Tax Map Number 031.00-01-25.00-0000). I have worked in the pipeline field (design and operationa) for over 35 years and I am very aware of the pit falls of constructing and operating a pipeline of the size. l, nor my neighbors, do not want this pipeline running through our valley.

Edgar E. Martin


Lisa Vonder Haar Alexandria, VA
Robert Hundo Arlington, VA

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