Vote NO on SB 277
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Vote NO on SB 277

Hannah Favela
Riverside, CA
7 Californians

Please oppose SB 277, which would take away a parent’s right to vaccination exemption. A parent should have the right to make decisions about their child’s healthcare. The government cannot possibly know what’s best for each child in each individual circumstance the way that child’s parent can. It is absolutely wrong to strip parents of their rights to bring up their children according to what they believe to be best. This is a large and dangerous over-stepping of the role of government, and one I believe will have very negative effects on our state if passed, because of the precedence it will set that parent’s rights don’t matter. Please please OPPOSE SB 277!


Charlotte Baber Corona, CA
Madison Morrow Corona, CA
Krystal Quiroz Paso robles, CA
Dennisa Moreno Corona, CA
Lani Chevoya Madera, CA
Tielle Larson Santa barbara, CA

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