HUNGRY PEOPLE VOTE $444.5 cuts in FAP hurts Seniors, Low-Income and Children in
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HUNGRY PEOPLE VOTE $444.5 cuts in FAP hurts Seniors, Low-Income and Children in

Laura Gumina
Farmington, MI
2 Michiganians

The governor writes in his "Overview " of the states 2015-16 in Michigan that he is dedicated to providing a budget that is both "fiscally sound and responsible"...? Where is the fiscal responsibility to seniors when the Farm Bill was not implemented to prevent this reduction? Those of us here at the HUD subsidized BAPTIST MANOR in Farmington, Mi, are hungry. We should not be reduced to crawling to food pantries and Project Hope for canned goods and processed food- when we should be able to purchase fresh produce and good protein with out own food assistance program. It is humiliating to have to look for food after you are retired...and degrading.

You have taken the dignity out of old age in Michigan.

My food stamps were reduced to from $167 dollars a month to $17 dollars a month- that is outrageous. Others lost their assistance altogether. If we need HUD assistance for our living arrangements- how then are we we going to be able to afford food.

There is now, millions of dollars waiting in a "Rainy Day Fund" or the Budget Stabilization Fund"which is not helping the people of Michigan at all.

Why cannot the state use that money to fund FAP?

IT IS RAINING on the seniors..and we are hungry.


Berkley, MI

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