Presidential instant-runoff system needed in our elections NOW
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Presidential instant-runoff system needed in our elections NOW

Sherie Stark
Los angeles, CA
1 Californians

It is extremely frustrating to me that I can no longer vote for a candidate with enough integrity to make the changes needed to sustain our environment. I’m asking that you please help your constituency alleviate this quandary by supporting the Instant-Run Off (or preferential voting) system! It is needed on every level of government, but especially the presidential elections. Having voted for Ralph Nader in previous elections, I realize now that I can never again support an outsider to the two party system, I must always vote for the Democrat that’s running, even though I might support other candidates’ goals. I have to choose between the lesser of two evils. The two major candidates are always having to kowtow to the corporations that fund their campaigns. (That’s my second most important issue, by the way; there should be extreme limits on how much money can be spent "buying" our votes! The environment is my most important issue, but until these other two are addressed, we’ll never see any substantial progress on it!)

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