the unreasonable cost of water
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the unreasonable cost of water

charles wall
Gualala, CA
1 Californians

TO: Senator / Representatives 3/17/1015

FROM: Charles Wall

There must exist some manner of fair-play, or divine justice that oversees the elderly. I pay $134.25 every two months for $21.00 of worth of actual water use. Thatís a fixed, unknown charge of $1112.00 in my first sixteen month. Debt tugs at my very soul sometimes. Itís been one complicated maneuver after another moving here to The Sea Ranch. I have learned to tighten my belt - live with less, and so on, but I canít render a lower fee to a fixed charge. I donít know how to use any less of an unseen commodity. Is it sewage costs, or waste water disposal charges that constitute the fixed charge?

I have also been privy to the underhanded dealings of bureaucrats. When a system becomes bigger than the sum of its parts, thereby allowing hidden fees, obscure maintenance charges, and overwhelming overhead costs to blur the bottom line and make the common folks absorb the high costs of operations, the operation of such a system must come under scrutiny.

I need some clarity surrounding this subject. Is it a scam or what? Is The Sea Ranch Water Company operating within accordance of federal, state and local regulations? I truly adore where I reside and all the beauty around me. I came here with savings that allowed me to facilitate my needs and supplement my wellbeing. Now I live on a military retirement pension provided monthly. I served ten long years in the finest military in the world, and the recipient of two honorable discharges. I cut my costs daily with great enthusiasm. Itís tough all over the world right now, but I know by some means I will make it.

Thank you so much for your time and God Bless. Charles Wall

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