Require a Percent (%) Daily Value for Sugar on all nutrition labels
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Require a Percent (%) Daily Value for Sugar on all nutrition labels

Victoria Roberts
Woodbridge, VA
3 Virginians

Watch the documentary, "Fed Up" and youíll learn that current food nutrition labels do not show a Percent Daily Value for sugar. This is because the sugar industry does not want this information shown. Why? Because so many processed foods sold in the US today contain so much sugar that a SINGLE serving size would have 50% or more of the Daily Value for sugar. If people realized this, they might not buy those foods.

Take Captain Crunch cereal, for example: a single serving (3/4 cup) contains 12 grams of sugars. The World Health Organization recommends a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day (or less than 5% of your total daily calories). So that one serving of cereal contains nearly 50% of the recommended daily sugar. And letís get real -- who really eats only 3/4 cup?

Just three (3) Oreo cookies have 14 grams of sugar, which is 56% of the recommended daily sugar. (Again, show me someone who just eats 3 cookies.)

This is a public health issue. We have an obesity crisis in the US that is destroying peoplesí health. This is directly related to people misunderstanding the prevalence and the role of sugars in their diet. We can fix this by making the sugar information on food labels clear.


Lisa Vonder Haar Alexandria, VA
Penny Littell Alexandria, VA

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