There is a 99year rule on the books that needs to be addressed
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There is a 99year rule on the books that needs to be addressed

Myron Regan
Sun city, AZ
1 Arizonans

I was hired by the Cardinal stadium to work security for the past two years and now that I tried to get it renewed after paying the required $72.00, they tell me I can’t get it because of a glitch of sorts on my record from 1981. I have written to Jeff Frankes office, and he tells me that this is not a national problem and that he sent my request on to the Governors office. That was 2 months ago and I haven’t heard from anyone yet. The D.P.S. is responsible for this and said I had a infraction for resisting arrest and this will stay on my record for 99 years. I have put over 5 years on the M.C.S.O. Posse out here in Sun City as a advanced posse member, but when I tried for my armed posse status, this came up then and was refused gun training.

I have talked to 2 attorneys on this subject, and they both called this an antiquated law and should be taken off the books.

I have served in the U.S. Air force for 4 years and get my health benefits from the V.A. Hospital. I am a member of the American Legion Post 62 and am on the Color/Honor Guard for the past 7 years. I was born in Detroin, Mi. and went to a Catholic grade school and then to the Holy Ghost Fathers Mission Seminary in Ann Arbor for High school bfore entering the Air Force in 1956 til 1960. I moved to Phoenix in 1962 to raise my family and work here till now. I am 76 years old and would like to know if your office can be of any help to me. Thank you, V.T.Y. Myron James Regan

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