Wonderful doctors and staff, BUT
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Wonderful doctors and staff, BUT

Scott TaBois
Boynton beach, FL
1 Floridians

I was diagnosed with a condition that only surgery would help. I was all set to pursue this and have the procedure.

As of Npovember of 2014 I was in line for surgery. In January, I was informed that they are not allowing this procedure at this time. MY condition is deteriorating, And I need this surgery so I can continue to work and be productive in supporting my family.

The V.A is my Only source of insurance, To date I have been able to trust it. All the bad vibes and bad press with the V.A has not been my experience, Until now. I am comfortable with my doctor. He has had GREAT success in helping people with this surgery to get the improvement they need. Now his hands are tied by the Bureaucrats at the V.A . He is putting me in for refferal outside the V.A which he said could take a month, Just to get an appointment! So here I go again researching the DR, finding out his success rate, hopefully building a rapor, and hoping the new doctor’s hands are as skilled.

What excuse is there for me to go through all of this twice? MY FATHER ,MYSELF, AND MY SON ALL SERVE THIS COUNTRY!


Scott D TaBois

U.S Army Vet

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