Cable TV, phone and Internet over charging.
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Cable TV, phone and Internet over charging.

Donna & Jerry Taylor
Colorado springs, CO
1 Coloradans

Comcast/Xfinity cable service costs nearly double between November and January.

In November my family was paying $148. In December we were billed $239 after which I called their account executive,

who reduced my bill to $228. During that conversation, I ask for a plan that would lower my bill, to which he offered me a

two year contract plan for $119.99 with "minor" additional service fees along with required State and Federal fees and

taxes. So when we received our January bill the total amount owed was $199.96.

We are forced to watch a 1/3 more commercials, [compared to a few years ago] from which I’m sure the cable companies are taking in a good share the revenue generated from those commercials.

Comcast has a near monopoly on TV broadcasting in this area. We were with Century Link a few years ago but they were

just as bad about raising their rates on phone, cable service, and cell phone.

Is there any thing the FCC can do about such over charging? Those of us trying to live on Social Security or are unemployed, or disabled are having a tough time with out some mega corporation charging unreasonable fees for their



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