When do we pay tribute to the REAL heroes.
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When do we pay tribute to the REAL heroes.

LoisAnn Milloy
Tucson, AZ
1 Arizonans

I am outraged for the ordering of our flag to be flown at half staff for a person who is neither a hero or a deserving patriot. She left her family to ’do her thing’ knowing she was headed for enemy territory. When she gets captured we become outraged? That’s like feeling sorry for someone who’s ready to set your house on fire. Only what she did was even worse! If she was such a wonder family member she should have stayed at home with them and kept them close to her chest. But, evidently her whims were more important. And, she gave our sick leaders more rope to lasso another war which they have been trying to rope in for some time. How many of our military have we lost in the wars created by our ’leaders’ who dedicatedly serve the Merchants of Death? So far as I recall not ONE had the honor of a flag being flown in his name. Now, THERE’s where the deeds of heroism are enacted. On the battlefront. Not some silly girls’ stupidity of traveling into enemy territory to see how the other half lives. Sir! Where is your MIND? Common sense has already been thrown out the window and you’re not even a month old in serving our great State! It appears we have just traded cards in electing another Governor. Another Joker gone wild.

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