Support Smart Growth and Reduce CO2 Emissions From Transportation
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Support Smart Growth and Reduce CO2 Emissions From Transportation

  Lisa Vonder Haar
Alexandria, VA
4 Virginians

Six years ago, the DC region committed to reducing CO2 emissions to 80% below 2005 levels by 2050. But projections show that CO2 emissions from transportation under the proposed long-range transportation plan are predicted to rise rather than fall.

In October 2014, the Council of Governments (COG) air quality and climate committees voted unanimously to urge all COG committees to recommit to the COG goal of reducing CO2 emissions 80% below 2005 levels by 2050. To accomplish this goal, I urge you to:

1) Amend the proposed long-range plan to shift funding away from sprawl-inducing projects like the Bi-County Parkway and Manassas Battlefield Bypass in Virginia, and the massive highway lane expansions of long-distance commute routes in both Virginia and Maryland. Funding instead:

• Major expansion of commuter bus service for the outer suburbs

• Metro’s Momentum Plan for 8-car trains and other capacity improvements

• MARC and VRE commuter rail expansion

• New transit, local road and bicycle and pedestrian investments that support mixed-use, walkable communities.

2) Combine these transportation measures with smart growth tools including mixed-use, walkable, bikeable and transit-oriented communities to reduce the amount we all have to drive.


Robert Hundo Arlington, VA
Amy Knight Herndon, VA
Savannah L. Wilson Strasburg, VA

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